Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Michael Canalé Talks About His New Product Line & The Latest Celebrity Hair StylesCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Michael Canalé Talks About His New Product Line & The Latest Celebrity Hair Styles

By Rachel Sparks

With nearly thirty years of experience as a celebrity hair stylist, Michael Canalé is best known for creating “The Rachel,” the hair style of Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends. Seeing between 20 and 40 clients every day, he starts his mornings at 7 a.m. and spends anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on each client. Adding to his already busy schedule, he has just released an ingenious new hair product line that lengthens the longevity of color and repairs damage to hair. Of course, Canalé is a lot more than a stylist: He’s also a family man to three kids and an avid traveller for work. In our exclusive celebrity interview, he opens up about his new product line, the latest celebrity hair styles, the importance of family, and what’s next for his booming career.

Michael Canalé Talks About New Product Line in Celebrity Interview

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Canalé’s new line of hair care products “is the first of its kind, focusing on getting hair ready for color and maintaining color between salon visits.” The four-step process starts with a gentle shampoo that does not fade color. Following the shampoo, Nourish is a topical vitamin that helps strengthen and heal hair. The third step is the conditioner that “restores luster, softness and shine.” The newest addition to his line is Replenish, “an ingestible vitamin with a vegan and all-natural approach that contains patented Targeted Cellular Technology for maximum absorption with critical ingredients that will help you achieve strong, healthy hair.”

Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Michael Canalé Talks About His New Product Line & The Latest Celebrity Hair Styles
Photo: Michael Canalé Product

It’s easy to see why we trust the Canalé product line as much as we trust the stylist to color and cut our hair. Canalé has a strong knowledge base and uses the undertones of someone’s skin and eyes in order to choose their best hair color. He suggests that you look at your wrist and note the color of your veins: “If they’re blue, you have a cool undertone, and if they’re green, you have a golden undertone.” He also recommends looking at your eye color: If you have blue-toned eyes, cool-toned highlights will be a natural compliment. For instance, blue-toned eyes with specs are best complimented with baby-blonde highlights.

Making it even easier for hair color novices, he adds, “Another trick is to always use your natural hair color when creating a hair color – that’s why I prefer highlights.”

Having started the largest hair styling trend in decades with “The Rachel,” we had to ask Canalé’s perspective on must-have celebrity hair styles. In terms of hair color, he believes that ombre and balayage are on their way out. Instead, he suggests his favorite technique and says, “The hottest color trend right now is using paper thin highlights to enhance a client’s natural base and adding a finishing touch of a pop around the face to bring out a client’s eye color, giving a subtle, glamorous look.”

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When it comes to hair cuts, he encourages his clients to consider their natural texture. “If you do a cut that embraces your natural waves, it’ll require less styling with heat and tools,” he shares.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Shares Parenting Advice

Aiding in his success is help from both his wife and manager. “I will tell you, it’s not easy. My wife is very supportive and holds down the fort when I’m out on the road,” he explains. “I also have a great manager who makes sure I don’t miss a beat when it comes to my kids.”

Despite his long days, Canalé always prioritizes time with his family. When it comes to finding your own work-life balance, Canalé says, “My best parenting advice to your readers is to never let work allow you to miss the most memorable moments and to carve out family time. Creating memories with your loved ones is priceless!”

So what’s next for this celebrity stylist? For starters, he sees himself spending plenty of time in the salon. He began his career working with Leslie Ann Warren and Marsha Mason, and most recently, he’s worked with Carolyn Murphy, the face of Estée Lauder, and Stephanie Hollman from The Real Housewives of Dallas. “I want to still be behind the chair, coloring the hair of women all over the world. I work in eight cities as of today and am looking to expand into another,” he explains. “My goal is that the future of my business continues to help women feel beautiful as we create healthy and beautiful hair color.”

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Additionally, Canalé hopes that one of his children will join the family business someday. “I’ve built a career around brand-specific color techniques and would love to see it continue,” he says. Plus, he promises that “a couple of incredible products will be released in 2018.” So stay tuned!

Canalé saves his best piece of beauty advice for the end of our celebrity interview: “One last thing: Don’t overthink your color. Your hair is your best accessory — stay colorful!”

You can follow along with Michael Canalé on his website and Facebook page.