Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Lionel Richie Is ‘Scared to Death’ Daughter Sofia Is Dating Scott DisickCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Lionel Richie Is ‘Scared to Death’ Daughter Sofia Is Dating Scott Disick

By Ashleigh Underwood

Dating can be complicated and nerve racking, especially for celebrities. Not only do they have to worry about typical relationship aspects, but they also have to deal with being in the public eye. Currently, this has become an issue for celebrity couple Scott Disick, 34, and Sofia Richie, 19. With everything about Disick’s romantic life out in the open, Richie’s father, Lionel, is sure to have concerns. In a recent celebrity interview with UsMagazine.comRichie spoke of the latest celebrity news surrounding his daughter’s relationship saying, “I’m scarred to death.”

 In celebrity news, this dad is not thrilled at his daughter’s rumored love life. What are some ways to deal if your parents aren’t fond of your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

When starting a new relationship, it is important to have support from those you love, especially your family. However, your parents may not always like the person you bring home. Here are a few ways to handle a situation like that:

1. Talk with them: Many times, the reason your parents don’t like your partner is because they don’t know anything about them. If your parents have heard rumors about them, only know about their past, or are making predetermined judgments of any kind, then they simply need to get to know your partner. Sit down with your parents and let them know how much you care about your partner and explain why. Often times, when they realize how much you like the relationship they come around.

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2. Compromise: Sometimes the best thing to do when your parents dislike your partner is to compromise. If they have an issue with your partner coming t major family events, then don’t bring them along. However, make your parents understand that it is important to you that your partner comes over to family night once in a while. This way, your partner still gets to be apart of your family dynamic, without impeding on your parents wishes

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3. Accept it: You can’t force people to like each other and sometimes there is just nothing you can do. If your parents are dead set on not liking your partner, you will have to accept the situation as it is, and move on. As long as your parents understand that you and your partner are happy, and your relationship is important, then it shouldn’t matter what they think.

How do you handle your parents dislike of your relationship? Comment below!