Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Erica Rose Gets Engaged at Daughter’s First Birthday PartyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Erica Rose Gets Engaged at Daughter’s First Birthday Party

By Melissa Lee

Look out, Bachelor Nation — there’s another celebrity wedding on the horizon! In recent celebrity news, former Bachelor contestant Erica Rose got engaged to her boyfriend Charles, who popped the question at Rose’s daughter’s first birthday party. According to, Charles proposed in front of all their friends and family at Houston Zoo, but didn’t want to take the attention away from Rose’s daughter, Holland, so he stepped outside briefly when it was time. Although Charles is not Holland’s biological father, it seems like the trio has been working well as a family. Wishing the best of luck to the happy couple!

There’s a celebrity wedding in the works now that Erica Rose is engaged! What are some ways to know you’re with someone who you could have a happy marriage with?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marriage is a huge, life-changing decision, so before saying yes, it’s important to make sure you’re with the right person. If you’re in a happy, healthy relationship and are starting to wonder if they’re “the one,” check out some of Cupid’s relationship advice below:

1. Think long-term: Assuming you decide to marry this person, it’s obviously crucial that you see a future with them. When you envision your life in 10 years, is your current partner by your side? If the answer is yes, that’s definitely a good sign. In order to have a happy marriage, your relationship needs to stand the test of time!

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2. How’s the family situation?: Another huge aspect of getting married is that this person will ultimately become a part of your family. Given this, it’s important to observe how your partner gets along with your family members. Do your parents hate them, or are they constantly asking when they’ll see them next? Are they super charming with your relatives? Take this into consideration before answering that big question.

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3. Reflect on your happiness: At the end of the day, your happiness is more important than anything else. If you are over the moon about dating this person and you absolutely see yourself marrying them, then by all means, go for it. You should always do what makes you the happiest.

What are some of your tips for figuring out if your current person is someone you could happily marry? Share your thoughts below.