Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Decides to Grow a MoustacheCupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Decides to Grow a Moustache

Justin Bieber is taking his first steps into adulthood by growing facial hair. reports that the 17-year-old crooner announced via Twitter that he will not shave for a month and that he is “pumped” for his fans to see him with a ‘stache.  Recently, Bieber lost 80,000 Twitter fans after cutting his trademark locks, trading in for a more current, adult look.  Bieber, who recently admitted to dating fellow young Hollywood starlet Selena Gomez, is currently touring in Europe, away from his new girl.

What do you do if you don’t like your partner’s facial hair?

Cupid’s Advice:

Selena Gomez may just luck out and not get to see the Biebs in the flesh with his facial hair.  But for some ladies who have to deal with stubble scratches and sore chins, it can be tricky to let your boy know you don’t care for his hair:

1. Reminisce: When your man walks into a room and you catch a glimpse at his burly beard, think about how he looked pre-facial hair and let him know how much you miss his smooth face.

2. Be blunt: Although it’s ultimately his choice to keep or give up his facial hair, you can let him know what you think is best.  If all else fails, withhold kisses.

3. Report the facts: Men with facial hair and beards are less likely to get hired because they don’t come off as trustworthy.  The beard may make your man look like he has something to hide.