Cupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: The Best NYC Vegetarian SpotsCupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: The Best NYC Vegetarian Spots

By Ashleigh Underwood

For quite a long time, it was tough for vegetarians to find a good meal in New York City. Most of the time, vegetarian food would be bland, poorly cooked or of the cheapest quality–definitely not something you would be dying to eat. However, as more and more people have traded in their meat loving ways and opted for a vegetable-based diet, NYC has finally gotten on board. Now, there are many food options and places to choose from that will have vegetarians swooning.

Are you a vegetarian looking to try out some awesome new meals? Check out the most popular veggie-friendly restaurants in NYC!

1. Beyond Sushi: When most people think of sushi, they automatically think of raw fish wrapped in rice, which is not necessarily ideal for a vegetarian. What if there were a place that took your love for sushi and made it vegan? Well, Beyond Sushi is the place for you. With many options beyond the basic California roll, there is certainly something for everyone. This restaurant opts for foods such as curried cauliflower, mushrooms and charred corn instead of typical sushi ingredients. If sushi isn’t quite your thing, they also offer a variety of dumplings, noodle salads, soups and rice wraps to satisfy your hunger.

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2. Dirt Candy: If you are on the hunt for the most popular restaurant, this place should definitely be on your list. Dirty Candy was the first vegetarian-focused restaurant in NYC, and it has not disappointed their customers since opening many years ago. While offering brunch, dinner, dessert and a drink menu, their options are quite extensive. For brunch, there are a variety of à la carte choices with their most popular being the Brussels sprouts tacos. For dinner, they do not serve à la carte, however guests are welcome to choose from either a five or 10 course meal with a wide range of veggie options.

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3. Avant Garden: For a special night out with a fancy setting, this is the place to be. With a quaint and intimate atmosphere, this place is perfect for celebrating a special occasion. While, this place is on the more expensive side, all the reviews point to it being well worth the money. If you’re very hungry, expect to try many of their menu options, since their portions are fairly small. Also, check out their menu before you go! If you go once, odds are the menu has changed since the last time you were there, as they have a rotating seasonal menu.

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4. Narcissa: The menu at this popular restaurant is sure to have something for everyone! Bring along your meat eating friends, and they are sure to find something tey like as well. Their dinner options have many meat-based appetizers to choose from, and then a healthy variation of vegetable-based meals. They also have the option to order by the course, offering two appetizers, main dishes, sides and one dessert per person. Alongside their delicious food choices, Narcissa is also happy to offer local products coming from Hudson Valley Farm.

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5. Superiority Burger: For so long, it was extremely rare for any vegetarian to find a quality burger that didn’t fall apart at the seams. This eatery takes the classic vegetarian burger to the next level, pleasing all types of customers. There burgers are made with lentil, quinoa and black beans, creating the most incredible taste blend. To make this place even better, they are insanely affordable! With prices ranging from $4.00 to $9.00, everyone is able to eat out as often as they like!

What are the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC you have tried? Comment below!