Cupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV Star Dean Unglert Talks About ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Love TriangleCupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV Star Dean Unglert Talks About ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Love Triangle

By Ashleigh Underwood

Finding love isn’t easy, even for Bachelor in Paradise contestants. As reported by, during this season’s competition, reality TV star Dean Unglert found himself in the middle of a love triangle. He initially pursued a relationship with Kristina Schulman and then showed interest in Danielle Lombard, ultimately leading them both on. Schulman eventually took herself out of the game, allowing Unglert to continue his celebrity relationship with Lombard. While filming Monday’s finale episode, the reality TV star admitted that he hurt both women throughout the show. “Watching it all play back, it makes me realize that I need to change a lot of things about myself before I can actually pursue a relationship,” he shared. “It sucks to come to that realization that what you’ve been doing is just not right. To see how deeply upset Danielle and Kristina both were, it hurt.”

Dean Unglert realized that he needed to change after viewers saw him involved in a reality TV love triangle. What are some ways to make sure you’re ready for a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

As Unglert learned, starting a relationship can be stressful. If you are unsure whether or not you’re ready to begin something new, answer the three questions below:

1. Are you comfortable with yourself? A big part of dating is joining together two lives: your’s and your partner’s. Before you commit to a relationship, make sure you’re happy with who you are and the life you’re living. As they say, you must love yourself first.

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2. Are you a good communicator? In order to make a relationship work, you have to communicate. When an issue arises, the two of you need to be able to work it out in a healthy way. Make sure you are ready to talk openly and honestly with your partner.

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3. Have you moved on from your past? If you hope to move forward in a relationship, you need to let go of the past. You cannot be focused on your previous dating experiences and how they ended up. All you can do is learn from your past and concentrate on the present.

Cupid wants to know: How did you know that you were ready for a new relationship?