Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Eva Longoria Is Not Pregnant Despite Rumors, Rep SaysCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Eva Longoria Is Not Pregnant Despite Rumors, Rep Says

By Ashleigh Underwood

The latest celebrity news surrounds actress Eva Longoria. While enjoying a romantic vacation in Athens, Greece, Longoria and husband José Bastón were strolling around enjoying the view. While out, Longoria was spotted wearing a long flowing dress that sent her fans into chaos, according to Although this is not her first celebrity pregnancy rumor, Longoria’s representatives have continuously denied the rumors.

The rumor mill was wrong with this celebrity baby theory! What are some ways to keep the pressure to have kids from affecting you?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be hard dealing with outside influences, especially when it’s a sensitive subject. Here are a few ways to deal with the pressure of having kids:

1. Stay cool: If you are receiving continuous pressure to have kids, but are sure you don’t want any, it can be easy to get worked up. When you let the baby pressure get to you and take over your emotions, you are nothing, but miserable. Instead, take a breath and ignore the baby talk.

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2. Have a sense of humor: It can be easy to take baby pressure and rumors personally. Instead, just laugh it all off. When people are urging you to have kids, they are not intending to hurt your feelings. So, just carry on with a positive and humorous attitude.

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3. Go with it: Even after telling people over and over again that a baby is not in your near future, they still might not get the point. When this happens, it is easiest to just let them run with their imagination. This will take the pressure off of you to keep convincing them otherwise, and eventually they will figure out they are wrong.

How do you avoid the pressure to have kids? Comment below!