Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Making Sweatshirts StylishCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Making Sweatshirts Stylish

By Ashleigh Underwood

With fall just around the corner, fall fashion is in full swing. Colder weather and shorter days has us longing for warm and comfortable clothes we can wear in every situation. This means wearing sweatshirts as the latest celebrity fashion trend. While sweatshirts have been a staple in lazy Friday fashion, they can also be worn in fancier, everyday settings.

Take a cue from this fashion trend to incorporate sweatshirts into your everyday wardrobe:

1. Keep it simple and casual: Sometimes, the best look is the most simple one. Break out your comfiest knit sweater, and layer it over some skinny jeans and boots. You’ll look stylish, while staying comfy and warm all day long.

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2. Dress it up: When you’re ready to show off your sophisticated side, pair your sweatshirt with a skirt. Tuck in your sweater, slide on some heels and decorate yourself with jewelry. This is a sure fire way to glam up any sweatshirt.

3. Elegant and chic: For those days when you want to feel classy, but stay comfy, try for this look. Take a page from Hilary Duff‘s style guide and wear your sweatshirt over a classic button down. Show off the collar and let the bottom of the shirt peek out from the bottom of your sweater, creating that perfect chic style.

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4. Edgy and bold: If you are feeling determined and bold, this look is for you. Starting with your sweatshirt, add a pair of leather pants, a long cardigan and your favorite glam accessories. In no time, you will be looking as fierce as ever.

5. Bring back summer: With cold weather coming fast, it is understandable to want to hang on to summer vibes as long as possible. Channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens and layer a long sweatshirt on top of a summer dress to get that classic boho look. Finish the outfit off with a stylish hat and boots and you’re good to go!

What are some ways you style a sweatshirt? Comment below!