Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Nick Viall Says He Still Loves Vanessa Grimaldi Post-SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Nick Viall Says He Still Loves Vanessa Grimaldi Post-Split

By Melissa Lee

It seems like there’s always drama in Bachelor Nation, and this week is no exception. After season 21 Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi announced their split last week, Viall broke his silence regarding the situation. “I still love her very much. I’m not afraid to say that,” Viall admitted at the Wrangler by Peter Max line debut party. According to, he wants to stay friends with Grimaldi, despite the difficulty of the separation.

This celebrity break-up really wasn’t that shocking. What are some ways to know you’re not a good match with someone?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Heartbreak is real, but it comes as a result of realizing the person you’re dating just isn’t for you. If you’re wondering whether or not your partner is a good match, check out some of Cupid’s advice below:

1. Differences and similarities: Although they say opposites attract, there is such a thing as too many differences. If it gets to a point where you realize that the differences between you two are starting to take a toll on your relationship (and result in frequent arguments), it might be a sign that you’re not the best match. Differences in morals, attitudes, and personalities can be an on-going conflict in relationships, so make sure to pay attention.

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2. Comfort level: Ideally, you would like to feel completely comfortable around your significant other, right? But… what if this isn’t the case, and you can’t imagine yourself ever getting particularly comfortable around them? This would be a cause for concern. Your partner should be someone that never judges you, so if you feel like this isn’t the case, it may be something you need to think about.

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3. Think forward: Do you see yourself having a future with this person? If you are dating seriously, it’s important to think forward about whether or not you think things will last. If they have qualities that you personally don’t want in a longterm partner, this could be a sign that you two aren’t a great match. Although it’s fun to casually date as well, you need to keep in mind what you would like to get out of the relationship.

How do you know someone you’re dating isn’t a good match for you? Leave your thoughts below.