Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Allison Janney Reveals How Anna Faris Is Handling Split from Chris PrattCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Allison Janney Reveals How Anna Faris Is Handling Split from Chris Pratt

By Marissa Donovan

Anna Fari’s co-star Allison Janney recently shared how Faris has been doing on set of Mom since her celebrity break-up from Chris Pratt. According to EOnline.comJanney believes that Faris has been a trooper through her split and has remained professional while working. Janney is also close with Pratt and was sad to hear the news when the former celebrity couple called it quits. The newly single celebrity has kept a smile on her face and continues to work hard. We hope Faris and Pratt can continue staying strong!

This celebrity news has us happy for Anna Faris. What are some ways to cope in the workplace after a very recent break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Moving on after a break-up is not a cake walk, especially when you have to continue working. Here are some relationship tips for how to cope in the workplace after your most recent split:

1. Take on new projects: Some may say taking on new projects after a break-up might be risky since you might not be in the best state of mind. It’s actually a good start to channel all your anger and sadness into something positive. You may even find yourself impressing your boss or co-workers.

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2. Socialize more during lunch breaks: Put yourself out their during lunch breaks! Socializing will help relax your post break-up anxiety and keep you from dwelling on old feelings. You might end up becoming closer with your co-workers, plus it will help your networking abilities!

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3. Organize your workplace: Clean up your office space or work site as a therapeutic way to cope with your current emotions. Break-up are great for starting over and your work space could probably use a make over as well!

How can you cope in the workplace after a break up? Let our readers know in the comments!