Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parenting Tips: How To Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu SeasonCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parenting Tips: How To Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu Season

By Marissa Donovan

Back in January 2013, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki shared that he was feeling bad for his nine-month old sick son Thomas Colton. According to People.comPadalecki thought that maybe he gave his son his sickness. As a parent, it’s easy pass on a sickness to your children. Keeping your children healthy and practicing good hygiene with them can decrease the risk of them catching the flu this winter season.

Here are some celebrity parenting tips on how to keep your child from catching the flu bug!

1. Get vaccinated: Kristen Bell strongly believes in children receiving flu vaccination during those risky winter months. According to her parenting advice for Parents.comBell explains that even though the shot is roughly 50 percent effective, it’s better than having your child be 100 percent at risk.

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2. Have a strict diet: Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity mom who wants her kids eat heathy foods. According to WomensMealthMag.comshe tries to stay away from noticeable food allergens and has her kids eating more plant-based. Eating heathy can keep your immune system on track.

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3. Be on top of their hygiene: Tia Mowry keeps her son super clean to prevent catching the flu. According to her interview with Parents.comshe keeps her hand sanitizer handy for her son and once he gets home from school he puts on new clothes. Germs can stay attached to surfaces such as clothing, so Mowry encourages to put them into play clothes to keep them from catching the sickness and spreading it to family members.

Do you have other parenting tips in time for flu season? Leave your best advice in the comments!