Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash ExtensionsCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions

By Marissa Donovan

Upgrading your lashes for extra volume sounds very simple for those thinking about eyelash extensions. Before jumping into the beauty trend bandwagon, here are some things you need to know prior getting eyelash extensions.

Check out these beauty tips about eyelash extensions!

1. Temporary strip falsies are different than eyelash extensions: There are many ways to fake dramatic eyelashes, but there are differences between strip falsies you can buy at a beauty store and eyelash extensions from a technician. Placement is one of the key differences, because falsies can be glued to the line, while extensions are glue to the actual lashes. Falsies will also last you a day compared to extensions, which can last up to several weeks.

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2. Extensions have multiple styles to choose from: Like the many choices you would have picking hair extensions, eyelashes have options too based on length, material, and curl. When it comes to length, the longer they are, the more you will need to have on your extensions to look natural. Materials for the lashes can range from synthetic material to mink hair. The curl is based upon the slope of the eyelashes. Large lashes will most likely have a greater slope for the curl. Make sure to ask a technician what they would recommended based on your eyelid and your ideal beauty look for your next date night.

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3. Make sure your technician is extremely sanitary: Do not wing it when it comes to choosing a technician! It’s very important to get extensions from a technician who washes their hands religiously, because it’s nearly impossible to wears gloves while placing the small and sticky extension on the lashes. The horror stories of bad technicians include bacterial infections and cornea damage. It is also important for the technician to clean their tweezers and have disposable eyelash brushes when working with clients. Do your research, and read many reviews before choosing a technician for your beauty experience!

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4. Maintenance is required for your extensions: Once you have your extensions, you need to be extra protective. In a period of 12 hours, you need to avoid water from touching them so the glue on your extensions can dry. If you do come in contact with water, it will dissolve the glue and can sometimes cause redness due to the glue entering your eye. After the protection period is over, you need to gently brush your lashes before and after sleeping with a mascara wand to remove eye build up. You also need to brush them after you shower as well. Make sure that that you have mascara wands that you can throw away after brushing your extensions.

Check your local areas to see if you have a skilled and clean beauty technician in your area. Let us know your experience with eyelash extensions in the comments!