Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Aaron Carter Asks Chloë Grace Moretz On A Date Via TwitterCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Aaron Carter Asks Chloë Grace Moretz On A Date Via Twitter

By Marissa Donovan

Aaron Carter is proclaiming his love again for a blonde, but this time it’s not Hilary Duff! According to EOnline.comChloë Grace Moretz said in an interview that her childhood crush was Aaron Carter, and the pop singer had to respond. The pop singer replied back to the actor via Twitter and said the crush was mutual. Carter also asked Moretz out for dinner. No comment has yet been made from Moretz, but maybe the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star may take Carter up on his offer!

This celebrity news leaves us wondering if these two may become a future celebrity couple if they do go out to dinner together! What are some creative ways you could ask out someone your interested in?

Cupid’s Advice:

Aaron Carter chose to be bold by asking out Chloë Grace Moretz on social media. This has us wondering how we can ask someone out for a date night. Check out these dating tips for how to approach someone for a date:

1. Break the ice: Whether it’s a person you met last weekend or a long time friend, find a starting topic that can lead you into asking them out on a date. Some suggestions for breaking the ice might be recalling the last time you spent time together or talking about an event that’s coming up.

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2. Ask common interests: Talk about what each of you like for food and activities if you are unsure. Simply implying that you are interested in getting to know someone is one thing, but you need to have some idea about what you can do together if you do not know. Asking what they would like to do can make a date less stressful.

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3. Find availability: Ask when the person is free right after proposing or mutually coming up with date ideas. If the person comes across as busy, then try proposing a max of two different times when you are available. If they reject the times that you are free, then wait for another opportunity to present itself.

How do you think Chloë Grace Moretz will respond to Aaron Carter? Let us know in the comments!