Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Selena Gomez Believes The Weekend Adds Positivity To Her LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Selena Gomez Believes The Weekend Adds Positivity To Her Life

By Marissa Donovan

Selena Gomez considers boyfriend The Weeknd to be her best friend. According to an interview with, the former Disney star shares that she was easily influenced before when it came to making choices about her life, but those choices were not based on who she was dating. She shares that she dates someone to add to her life, not to complete her. Over the summer, the celebrity couple has been seen at Coachella and celebrating Gomez’s 25th birthday. It looks like the music loving couple are really in love!

This happy celebrity couple isn’t looking to change each other! What are some ways you can support your partner choices instead of influencing them?

Cupid’s Advice:

While being in a relationship, you might come across situations when your partner needs support instead of your input. It’s very tricky to be both supportive and honest for your partner, but there are ways to make it work! Check out these ideas for how to be supportive instead of influencing your partner:

1. Hear them out: Your partner may want to change their career path or not want to change their plans for the day. Before responding with your thoughts, ask why and listen to what they have to say. This better your communication skills in your relationship instead of jumping to conclusion about their ideas.

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2. Try to understand their reasons: Acknowledging their reasons will allow you understand their past experiences and feelings towards the choices they are making. Your thoughts could be biased because you have not experienced or have had the same feelings as your partner. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to see from their point of view.

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3. Think of the negative effects of influencing them: It’s easy to  influence your partner out of a life changing decision and sometimes that deeply impact’s their emotions towards life. One negative effect could be ruining your relationship by influencing different choices, instead of the one your partner wanted. Act as a friend and be supportive even when you don’t agree with a partner’s choice.

Do you agree with Selena that you need someone to add to your life instead of complete it? Let us know in the comments!