Cupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrities: Bella Hadid Has Had Enough Of Dating RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrities: Bella Hadid Has Had Enough Of Dating Rumors

By Marissa Donovan

Bella Hadid is tired of all the dating gossip! According, the supermodel tweeted that she is in a in a committed relationship with … herself. Hadid has previously been linked with DJ Daniel Chetrit and Jordan Barrett, but she also claimed that both of the men were just her best friends. After her celebrity break-up from The Weeknd, many people have been quick to pair her up with her male friends! It looks like his runway star is enjoying walking solo for the time being.

In celebrity news, this single celebrity is tired of the rumors about her dating her friends. How can you clear the air of dating rumors about you and your friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

People may assume your super close friendship is a relationship. Sometimes this happens more than we would like it to! Here are some ways to clear the air of dating rumors:

1. Post on social media: Like Bella, let the world know how happy you are being single! All your other friends and rumor starters will see that you are not dating anyone, especially your close friends.

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2. Have your friends speak up: Let your close friends know that the rumors are bothering you. As your friends, they will most likely be fine telling people that you are not a couple.

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3. Keep mingling: If you are seen with different people outside of your close friends, nobody will know who to connect you with. It’s best to ignore the rumors by hanging out with your close friends and other people as well. It’s good to keep them guessing!

How would you handle dating rumors while your single? Let us know in the comments!