Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: The 5 Best Beauty Tips from CelebritiesCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: The 5 Best Beauty Tips from Celebrities

By Melissa Lee

Celebs are always radiating the upmost beauty — whether it be thanks to their extensive hair and makeup teams, or their natural glow. However, if anyone can offer some beauty advice to make your day-to-day makeup routine a little easier, celebrities are some of the best resources. Head below if you’re interested in enhancing your own natural beauty, or looking to learn some new tips on applying makeup!

Check out some of the best beauty advice from our favorite stars!

1. Wash your face: After a long day, regardless of whether or not you have makeup on, you should always wash your face before heading to bed. Mary J. Blige advises to never go a full day or night without using some sort of cleanser or face wash. Your skin will thank you after you get rid of all that dirt and makeup out of your pores!

2. Stay hydrated: Besides the basic reasons needed to drink water, staying hydrated can also have some major positive effects on your skin. According to America Ferrera, when she started drinking more water, her skin, hair, and nails all flourished. The recommended amount of water to drink per day is at least eight ounces, so let’s get to it!

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3. Use one product for multiple things: If you’re in a rush or looking to condense your daily makeup routine, pick up a product like a lip or cheek tint. Jewel says that she wears a lip stain both on her lips and cheeks to give an overall rosy glow. Wear it under your foundation and this simple makeup look will be perfect for the day.

4. Mix moisturizer and bronzer: If you’re looking to achieve a perfectly natural summer glow, Eva Mendes has a great tip — mix together a shimmery bronzer and your moisturizer, then apply it to your face and blend it out. This look is ideal for those days where you just don’t want to wear makeup but still want to have a good base on your face.

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5. Pick up a lighter concealer: Instead of purchasing a concealer in the same color as your foundation, pick one up that’s one or two shades lighter. Apply the lighter concealer to your under-eyes and high points of your face to give you a refreshed look. Kim Kardashian says that she loves this tip because it’s perfect for when you’re extra tired, or have been traveling a lot.

What are your favorite beauty tips? Share them below!