Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Tyga Won’t Be Getting Back Together with Kylie JennerCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Tyga Won’t Be Getting Back Together with Kylie Jenner

By Marissa Donovan

This couple is apparently never getting back together. Tyga has no bad feelings towards Kylie Jenner, but has no intentions on rekindling their past romance! According to, Tyga blames their relationship for giving him bad press in the media. The rapper likes to keep his relationships a little more private, while the cosmetic designer likes keeping her romances public. Although the former celebrity couple had their happy moments, it’s safe to say they have both moved on.

There won’t be any happy reunion for these celebrity exes! How do you know when it’s best to leave a past relationship in the past?

Cupid’s Advice:

Reflecting on a past relationship is something you may catch yourself doing when thinking about an ex. Here are some ways to know it’s best to return to an old relationship:

1. You’re already dating other people: If you are already dating or have a connection with someone else, there’s no need to go back to your ex. There’s plenty of other people you could be having a fresh start with! Returning to an ex will only waste your time in the long run.

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2. You can remember the bad times: Like Tyga, if you can remember when things were really bad, you can imagine your life becoming bad again. If a relationship felt toxic or made you feel unhappy, a reunion has no guarantee on making things better.

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3. You haven’t spoken since the break-up: Sometimes break-ups can keep things silent between you and your ex. You could also be on speaking terms as well. If you have not had a full conversation with each other, then is a good way of knowing you and your ex have no desire to return to the past.

Do you have any predictions on who Tyga will date next? Let us know in the comments!