Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Lea Michele Is Dating Clothing Company President Zandy ReichCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Lea Michele Is Dating Clothing Company President Zandy Reich

By Melissa Lee

It has been recently revealed that Lea Michele is officially in a new celebrity relationship! Michele’s new beau, Zandy Reich, is the president of clothing company AYR. After the celebrity couple was spotted holding hands in NYC, confirmed that the relationship is fairly new. After knowing one another for a few years, it was revealed that Michele is a longtime fan of Reich’s clothing company. Wishing the best of luck to this new couple!

There’s a new Glee-tastic celebrity couple in Hollywood! What are some ways to know you’re attracted enough to someone to date them?

Cupid’s Advice:

When keeping a guarded heart, it may take a little bit to know whether or not you’re attracted enough to someone to date them. If this situation sounds familiar, look over these tips from Cupid to see if you’re ready to date that person you’ve been chatting with:

1. How well do you get along?: Okay, so you’ve established the fact that you’re interested in this person. Before making any decisions, it’s important to reflect on the relationship you currently have with them. The first thing to think about is how well you two get along. Do you fight often? Are you able to spend hours on end with each other? Do you go weeks without speaking, or do you talk all day every day?

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2. Do you see a future with them?: This question may seem a little irrational, but let yourself be realistic for a moment. If you were to date this person, do you see yourself staying with them or having a future with them? Or does this just seem like a fun little fling? If you’re able to imagine yourself being with them for awhile, then this may mean you’re ready to date them — otherwise, you may want to think this one through.

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3. How do they make you feel?: Most importantly, this potential relationship is most likely going to come down to how they make you feel. If they give you butterflies and make you smile — well, you can assume the answer there. But if you don’t feel particularly attached or attracted to them, then maybe dating them just isn’t the right decision for your friendship.

What are some ways you know you’re attracted enough to someone to start a relationship? Leave your thoughts below.