Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Blac Chyna’s Lawyer ‘Considering All Legal Options’ Against Rob KardashianCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Blac Chyna’s Lawyer ‘Considering All Legal Options’ Against Rob Kardashian

By Melissa Lee

After a slew of leaked texts, photos and videos, Blac Chyna‘s lawyer has released a statement claiming that they are “considering all legal options and resources at this time” against ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian. According to, Kardashian posted a number of explicit photos and videos, accusing Chyna of cheating and doing drugs. Kardashian’s Instagram account eventually was shut down due to NSFW posts, but he continued to take to Twitter to rant. Kardashian and Chyna are parents to a 7-month-old baby girl, Dream.

In celebrity news, things are definitely not smooth sailing with this former couple. What are some ways to keep the drama out of your break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kardashian and Chyna have become some of the most dramatic people in Hollywood with their constant public fighting. If you’re concerned about keeping drama out of your break-up, Cupid’s got some advice:

1. Be civil and respectful: A huge reason behind Kardashian and Chyna’s lack of civility is due to their disrespect toward one another. If you want a clean break-up, it’s best to be polite and leave things on good terms. Being angry is part of the break-up process, but you don’t need to constantly fight in the public eye or let everyone know about your problems.

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2. Keep it off social media: This former couple is notorious for posting about their issues on social media, so take a cue from them and do the complete opposite! If you feel the need to vent about the break-up, talk to someone you trust. Don’t want to talk to anyone? Write it down. Posting about your frustrations and anger is useless and will only create drama, in addition to making the break-up process even harder.

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3. Don’t talk to them: Although these two are co-parents, their communication (or lack thereof) definitely contributes to their problems. If possible, try to avoid talking to your ex. By continuing into a friendship immediately after the break-up, or even just regularly talking to each other, you’re not allowing yourself to recover. If anything, you’re making room for drama.

What are some of your tips for a drama-free break-up? Leave your thoughts below.