Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How Women In Their 30s Can Find LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How Women In Their 30s Can Find Love

On this week’s episode of Single in Stilettos, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to relationship expert Melissa Braverman to offer their best dating advice on attracting men while in your 30s. Learn how you can end your single status and find the right man for you (without settling) with the following dating tips!

Dating Advice That Will Help You Find Love In Your 30s

1. Make an effort. Put yourself out there more and try to be less discriminatory when dating. Your dating pool is smaller because of your age bracket, so don’t fall into a rut and go out of your comfort zone. Try to go out and meet people organically instead of falling into a routine and missing out on potential partners.

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2. Don’t settle. You need to find the balance between pickiness and openness. This can be achieved by determining your wants and needs before entering the dating scene. You don’t want to hurt your chances finding someone, but you also don’t want to settle for a person you’re not compatible with.

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3. Biological clock. Think about how important it is for you to have a biological child. Nature will not wait for you to find the right partner, so think of reproductive and parenthood options. Will you freeze your eggs? Are you okay with adoption? Do you want to have child before marriage?

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