Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Ali Fedotowsky Says She’s Ready to Be Pregnant AgainCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: Ali Fedotowsky Says She’s Ready to Be Pregnant Again

By Melissa Lee

Former Bachelorette contestant Ali Fedotowsky recently spilled to that she and husband Kevin Manno are ready for celebrity baby number two! The celebrity couple tied the knot back in March, but are already parents to their one-year-old daughter, Molly. “I wouldn’t mind if I was pregnant right now,” Fedotowsky says. “We want another baby, and we want them to be close.”

There may be another celebrity baby on the way soon! What are some ways to know you’re ready for a second child?

Cupid’s Advice:

This celebrity couple is already preparing for their second child. Sometimes it can be tough deciding when you and your partner would like to bring another child into the world, but Cupid has some advice:

1. Things are under control: Already having one baby in the house can be chaotic, so making sure you and your significant other are managing is super important. If the two of you feel that you are handling the stress with ease, then it may be time to prepare for a second child.

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2. Look at your financial situation: What’s more expensive than having one child? Having two children! Make sure you two are in a decent financial situation where you will be able to care for your entire family. If this is not the case, there’s a possibility that it may not be the right time for another baby.

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3. Reflect on your relationship: Will a second child bring your relationship happiness, or will it stress you two out even more? Babies can put a strain on relationships since there’s so much going on, so if you and your partner are already experiencing troubles, maybe you should work on that before deciding to have another child.

What are some ways you know you and your partner are ready for a second child? Leave your thoughts below.