Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Have a Colorful DayCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Have a Colorful Day

By Ché Blackwood & Melissa Lee

Remember the fun of youth by creating a daytime date centered on coloring. With this relationship advice, you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane with the one you love. It’ll you feeling rejuvenated and creative!

For this date idea, invest in a box of crayons, grab a few coloring books, stock up on old sweet films and give yourself the play date of your childhood dreams!

There are a variety of coloring books, allowing you to choose the best ones for your personality. If your honey likes baseball, pick up a workbook focused on the popular pastime. If you’ve still got a thing for princesses, purchase a Cinderella coloring book. If kid’s books aren’t your thing, head over to an adult store. Many of them carry adult themed coloring books, which will prevent your afternoon from staying G-rated.

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Challenge your beau’s artistic talents by judging each other’s coloring. If you’re really creative, grab a few colored pages from each book and make up a story together. Sketch to your hearts’ content, but be sure to stop as soon as soon as it loses its appeal. Some things are better in moderation.

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Once the crayons have started to crumble, watch a favorite animation together. Whether a classic like Beauty and the Beast or a more grown up choice, like Futurama, savor the experience of watching cartoons together with popcorn and a cozy cuddle on the couch. The rare opportunity to forget your adult responsibilities will leave you feeling joyful and young at heart.

How do you like to stay young with your partner? Tell us in the comments below!