Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Find Out What Corinne Olympios Remembers from Night of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ IncidentCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Find Out What Corinne Olympios Remembers from Night of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Incident

By Marissa Donovan

In the heat of the Bachelor in Paradise incident, details on Corinne Olympios’s memory of the event have been disclosed. The Bachelor alum has yet to see the footage from the night of the event. She can only remember her last drink before blacking out. According to an insider who spoke with EOnline.comfemale co-stars of the show knew she was very drunk due to her inability to walk. Olympios was also reportedly never notified by Bachelor in Paradise producers that she would be having a scripted romance with DeMario Jackson. The source also shared that Olympios has spoken to producers since the show stopped filming and was not responsible for the complaint they filed.

This celebrity news still has us wondering what actually happened in Paradise. What do you do if your partner becomes too controlling?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being in a very controlling relationship can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Consider this relationship advice on how to handle a manipulative partner:

1. Attend a couples therapy session: Discussing your partner’s behavior will not be an easy task. They may be in denial about how they have treated you, or they may defend their actions. Talking with outsider of the relationship can help you work out issues that you both have. This will hopefully change your dynamics as a couple.

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2. Inform close friends on their behavior: Letting a close friends know your partner’s behavior is for your own state of mind. Not only will you feel better releasing all your emotions about the relationship, but you will also have a resource in case the relationship becomes dangerous. Tell them not to tell your partner about what you have shared and make sure they are in your phone contacts.

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3. End the relationship: You may feel obligated to be in the relationship due to the many happy memories and years you’ve spent together. It’s extremely important to acknowledge the moments you have felt sad and helpless. Ending the unhealthy relationship will make you happier and healthier in the long run!

What tips do you have for dealing with a controlling partner? Leave your best advice in the comments!