Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Keep Your Man By Becoming a Multi-Faceted WomanCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Keep Your Man By Becoming a Multi-Faceted Woman

By Megan weks

We can all risk becoming complacent at points in our lives. Therefore, my final tip to share on keeping the man you desire is to become and to remain a multi-faceted woman. This is a woman who is interesting, well-rounded, and has a life beyond the man or children. A big complaint I hear from men in my practice is that women lose their curiosity and sense of adventure about life and become creatures of habit who are addicted to comfort. I want you to know that you can’t assume your man will remain attracted to you if you sink into this situation.

One of my biggest pieces of relationship advice: You must work to keep things fiery and fun!

Do you have multiple interests and passions? If the answer is no, you risk losing your luster over time. In order for your man to remain interested in you for the long term, you need to remain interesting. He needs to know that there is always something he doesn’t know about you yet. If there aren’t hidden tidbits of information to uncover about you, you’ve still got a chance to create some mystery about you to keep him interested. Here are some tips to become, and remain, that multifaceted woman who will fascinate him for life:

1. Learning. There are so many incredible things to learn about in this life and not enough time t! If you don’t have a passion, that’s okay. Be on the lookout for anything you feel even a tiny bit curious about because it can snowball into a brand-new interest or hobby. Put yourself in the right situation to learn about it by reading a book or going to a class or event about it. If you find that you never stick with anything or become bored, you need to know that to become great at something, you must be able to work at it, even without passion.

2. Don’t lose yourself in your relationship or your children. Schedule time for yourself to fuel your personal growth as an individual. This will strengthen your relationship with your partner and will inspire your children to become more well-rounded,. My friend Shelley just took her eight-week old baby to Italy last week. She strapped him in the Babybjorn and took a hike to a vineyard with her husband. She came to the city last night with her baby in tow for a grownup dinner, and told us all about her trip. She’s living her life and remaining curious and adventurous! I’m telling this story to spark your inspiration. Tammin Sursok from Pretty Little Liars says, “splice up your day in sections. Do a little adult, a little kid.” (source:

3. Be daring. Jack Canfield said that your greatest triumph is on the other side of your greatest fears. What they mean by that is that life starts outside of your comfort zone. Become aware of the fears that keep you stuck, and consciously push yourself forward to the other side of your fears. When you do this, you’ll surprise yourself with your potential and ability for growth, . which will not go unnoticed by your admiring partner!

Take out your pen and paper and create a list of interesting things you will incorporate into your world in the next few months. Looking back, you’ll be surprised and proud of what you’ve accomplished by following through on your list. Your man will be thrilled to sit down with you at dinner to hear what’s new in your ever-changing, ever-expanding world.

Megan Weks is an international dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping women get the admiration they deserve from men, and to keep it. She is a certified specialist in her field, but one of her biggest credentials is her personal story. Living in New York City for over a decade, Megan has had the opportunity to meet and date many different men. Through working with a relationship guru, she literally changed from crumb-picking and obsessing over men who didn’t deserve her, to being called a “man whisperer” who men (including her now-husband) would never leave. Megan’s career is devoted to helping women who struggle with the men in their lives, to turn it all around and keep the men they desire. Aside from her coaching practice of saving hearts, She writes a monthly love column for LVBX Magazine and runs a private online woman’s discussion group where women are supported with these principles.