Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: A Brand New Episode of ‘Lucky Dog’ with Host Brandon McMillan Will Warm Your HeartCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: A Brand New Episode of ‘Lucky Dog’ with Host Brandon McMillan Will Warm Your Heart

By Noelle Downey

Animal lovers, it’s time to rejoice! In the latest celebrity news, there’s a brand new and particularly sweet episode of the hit CBS show Lucky Dog coming out this Saturday, May 13th. It will have your heart swelling with love for an adorable dog named Frankie, not to mention for Brandon McMillan, the handsome host and passionate dog trainer.

Watch Lucky Dog on Your Next Date Night

The show follows McMillan as he rescues dogs from shelters and pounds who have hours left before they’re put down and then trains them at his famed Lucky Dog Ranch to prepare them for life with a fantastic family. It’s the perfect heart-warming fare to cuddle up and watch with your dog-loving significant other for a date night! This weekend’s episode, sponsored by The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s (OPEI) TurfMutt environmental education and stewardship program, will feature a rescue dog named Frankie, a Beagle mix that’s training-shy and anxious around humans after a series of negative experiences in his past. “He’s basically written off all humans because of what they’ve done to him,” the host confesses in a teaser clip from the episode.

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McMillan goes above and beyond to help this damaged doggy find his way back to a trusting, loving connection with humans, while OPEI’s Kris Kiser visits a potential dream home for Frankie. Unfortunately, he discovers that their yard is anything but dog-friendly, filled with packed-down dirt instead of lush turfgrass, which, Kiser advises to dog owners, is the best option for keeping a cool temperature and a dog-friendly softness in your yard. The team at Lucky Dog sets to work to make the potential owner’s yard more appealing with a massive landscaping makeover. “We thought it was a good conversion opportunity,” Kiser explains, “where we could give the owner a living landscape and a much better spot for her family and her adopted dog.” With the help of an adorable fluffy pal named Olive, Frankie starts the long process of learning the commands and obedience training he’ll need to thrive in his new home.

So why does McMillan feel so passionate about training dogs who might not otherwise get a shot at a second home? In a 2013 celebrity interview with, the television host explained, “I read the facts, and they blow my mind. Every year in America, over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized because they can’t find homes. I wanted to find out why this was happening.”

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Still, this passionate drive to save furry friends has taken its toll on his free time, in particular his love life. In the same 2013 interview, McMillan shared his insane schedule, saying, “I’m so consumed by the show that I go to bed at around 9 p.m. because I have to get up at 4 a.m. We start every morning around 6 a.m. because I want to make sure we work the dogs before the heat kicks in every afternoon.”

Still, that didn’t prevent him for sharing some great dating advice in our 2014 celebrity interview with him. It’s clear his busy schedule has caused him to think carefully about what he’ll do when he does have more free time to spend with a special someone. “No sitting on the couch watching trash television,” McMillan advised any couples out there. “Really plan your moments for and with each other. Saying ‘I’m too tired’ leads to trouble.”

Don’t miss this special episode of Lucky Dog, airing on Saturday, May 13th! Check your local listings for channel and time.