Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Travel: How to Travel in Style Like a CelebrityCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Travel: How to Travel in Style Like a Celebrity

By Noelle Downey

If you’re planning to head away for a fun girl’s trip or a romantic getaway with your honey, it may well be that while the destination is glamorous, luxurious and fun, the actual travel portion of your trip is the part you’re looking forward to the least. We all have travel horror stories full of long waits at airports, bumpy plane rides and terrible on-flight food, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Enjoy your next luxury travel experience to the fullest and travel in celebrity style with these great tips for traveling that even the stars would approve of!

Enjoy a trip full of luxury when you use these celebrity travels tips that will make you realize it’s the journey to the destination that’s half the fun!

1. Get some great luggage: The first step to any great trip? Packing your suitcase. While packing can seem like a chore, there’s no need for this part of planning for your trip to be a hassle. Invest in some great celebrity-approved luggage that will turn heads at the airport and make your stylish bags super easy to recognize when you go to grab them at baggage claim! Want a recommendation? Try Rimowa suitcases! Stars like Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Cara Delevingne have all been spotted rolling this sweet and stylish bag around at the airports; you could be next!

2. Splurge on a sensational ride from the airport: Worried about the hassles of calling a cab or taking a shuttle from the airport? Why not travel in true celebrity style by hiring a car and driver to get you to your hotel or to the nearest tourist attraction in comfort and style? Step into a sleek vehicle and enjoy your personal chauffeur for a set fee – no worrying about the price getting jacked up if you make multiple sightseeing stops on your way to the hotel! Sit back and relax in comfort and watch the sounds and sights of a new city go by while you enjoy the luxurious experience of your very own personal driver. Visit Dryver for help hiring your driver for an evening, a day or even longer!

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3. Find a luxury hotel: When you’re traveling in style and luxury, why not find the best hotels your destination has to offer? Have you been saving up on Expedia points and are ready to cash in on a fancy stay at the finest resort or hotel in the area? Go ahead, and enjoy all the comforts of exceptional room service, soft sheets and beautiful aesthetics at your luxury hotel of choice. There’s nothing like getting off a plane and heading to an five-star meal at your hotel’s phenomenal restaurant to make you smile and feel like a star!

4.  Make sure you feel great while you travel: Even if you’re not flying first-class there are plenty of star-recommended ways to have an amazing celebrity travel experience. According to her website, reality TV actress and businesswoman Khloe Kardashian’s number one travel tip can be summed up very simply. “It’s all about staying HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED, people,”  Kardashian lectures. Take a tip from this accomplished celeb and pack a water bottle full of mineral water that’s busting with electrolytes; a great way to make you feel energized and refreshed even after a long flight. And for your skin? Slip some luxury Lush lotion into your carry-on for a delicious-smelling and organic way to keep your skin happy on a long flight.

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5. Create a carry-on of travel lifesavers: Of course, it’s not just water and lotion you’ll need to have an amazing, celebrity-worthy flight. Invest in a stylish carry-on bag like this one from Michael Kors and pack it full of travel essentials. A bag with all of your make-up for a quick touch-up in the bathroom before you land, all your travel information for quick and easy access, your phone charger, a neck pillow, some healthy snacks like seaweed chips or trail mix to avoid having to choose between hunger pangs and airline food and, of course, a selection of all your favorite celebrity news magazines and lifestyle books. Once you’re prepped with everything you’ll need to feel comfortable and luxurious, you’ll feel like a star whether you’re in first class or coach!

What do you think of these tips to travel in celebrity style? Will you be going on any celebrity travel excursions soon where you’ll use these tricks? Let us know in the comments!