Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Hailee Steinfeld Addresses Justin Bieber Dating RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Hailee Steinfeld Addresses Justin Bieber Dating Rumors

By Noelle Downey

Superstar singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld has officially gone out of her way to debunk some recent celebrity news that has been circulating through the rumor mill; she and Justin Bieber are not dating. According to, the rumors were stirred up when photos of Steinfeld and Bieber FaceTiming were noted by fans of the pair. They were recently seen hanging out together, but Steinfeld is firm that this doesn’t mean anything about their respective relationship statuses. “I don’t know why people make such a big deal,” Steinfeld insisted, “We’re friends. We’ve been friends for years.” So what’s really going on in her love life? Steinfeld and boyfriend Cameron Smoller are still the celebrity couple of the moment, and it seems that rumors of her Hollywood relationship with Bieber haven’t phased the pair. In fact, Smoller recently shared a social media post of him and Steinfeld cozying up together, and Steinfeld commented back with a sweet heart emoji.

It looks like this celebrity news comes from a rumor! What are some ways to keep rumors from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When it comes to rumor and gossip, these silly stories can have a really negative effect on your relationship with your significant other. Here are Cupid’s top tips for not letting the drama bring you or your relationship down:

1. Talk it out with your partner: Recently heard a crazy rumor about you or your SO that’s beginning to bother you? Sit down with your partner and talk it out. Figure out how much truth is behind it, if any, and go from there. If hearing the rumor made you upset or hurt in any way, own up to that, and explain to your partner it’s important to you to address these negative feelings before they take over your relationship and breed resentment, when most likely the story is barely even based in truth!

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2. Confront the problem: Just like Hailee Steinfeld, it’s okay for you to step up and explain that the recent rumors about you or your relationship are totally off-base. If you catch someone in the act of spreading a rumor about you, be kind but firm and explain that that information is incorrect and that it bothers you that false rumors are being spread about you. You can explain what’s really going on, but remember that you don’t owe anyone a detailed explanation of your personal life. It’s enough to simply say, “No, what you’ve heard isn’t true, and I’d appreciate if you’d stop spreading that misinformation.”

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3. Ignore it: On the flip side, if the rumor truly is just silly nonsense that isn’t hurting anyone, it’s fine to just ignore the buzz and go on with your happy life and relationship with your significant other. If you and your partner are really secure in your relationship and don’t bat an eye when you hear rumors about each other or yourselves, then why let the gossips see you sweat? If you’re asked about it, laugh it off and tell whatever nosy individual is trying to pry that of course that rumor isn’t true. If you’re capable and willing to rise above the petty mind games of gossips, then do so!

Have you ever heard a crazy rumor about yourself or your relationship? How did you respond? Let us know in the comments!