Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Upton Admits Fiance Justin Verlander Will Hate One Aspect of Their Celebrity WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Upton Admits Fiance Justin Verlander Will Hate One Aspect of Their Celebrity Wedding

By Noelle Downey

Celebrity couple Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have hit a minor snag while planning for their upcoming celebrity wedding — Verlander is allergic to the main decorations! According to, Upton, who announced her celebrity engagement to adorable athlete Verlander in 2016, confessed that while she wants, “a lot of flowers” and “petals already down by the time my niece, who will be my flower girl, walks down the aisle” she is also aware that this may be a bit of a struggle for her handsome soon-to-be-husband. “Justin has terrible allergies!” she admitted, “He’ll have to take any allergy pill.”

A celebrity wedding wouldn’t be complete without flowers …even if your fiance is allergic! What are some ways to make your wedding pretty without flowers?

Cupid’s Advice:

Any relationship flourishes when compromises are considered. So if your special someone is sniffling when it comes to saying your vows in the midst of all that allergy-inducing pollen, here are Cupid’s top three alternatives to make your special day still as gorgeous as ever:

1. Handmade bouquets: While it may sound tacky at first, it’s amazing the kind of realism and beauty that can be captured by tissue paper flowers. Check out online art stores like Etsy for pretty pre-made alternatives when it comes flowers and patrol sites like Pinterest if you feel up to the crafty challenge of creating your own bridal bouquet. If you’re looking for the essence of flowers without the smell, the pollen or the cost, check out tissue paper flowers, a genuinely pretty alternative that will add a touch of extra care to your already gorgeous ceremony.

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2. Concentrate on lighting: If you’re forgoing flowers entirely, why not focus on another vital and often underutilized way to make everything sparkle; the lighting. Using Christmas or twinkle lights to add some starry shine to your big day, or walking down the aisle via flickering candlelight are two great ways to show off your style when it comes to your wedding. Based on your venue, try floating paper lanterns or light streaming through prisms for a rainbow effect to add your own personal touch to the lighting on your wedding day. A bonus to this tactic is good lighting makes for great photos, so your wedding pictures could come out looking even more beautiful than you ever expected.

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3. Rely on lace: If what attracts you to flowers is their delicate prettiness, why not try lace as an alternative? Its gorgeous spidery beauty could outshine any flower when used correctly. Use lace and sprigs of white (fake) flowers to decorate the church or other venue, then fashion some lacy roses out of your favorite delicate white fabric for your bouquet. Have your attendants carry matching ones in different shades for a special stand-out look that will be elegant and eye-catching.

Are you planning to have flowers at your wedding? What do you think of these alternatives for the allergy-sufferers among us? Let us know in the comments!