Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Cheer on a National Sports TeamCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Cheer on a National Sports Team

By Noelle Downey

Need help trying to figure out what to do for date night every weekend? Don’t worry – Cupid’s got you covered. Sports are always a great way to bond with your partner, and Cupid has some ideas on what you can do to keep yourself occupied. Single? Go with a friend, and maybe you’ll snag a cute sports buff to go on future dates with!

Are you ready to get sporty on your summer date nights this year? These date ideas will have you cheering!

Baseball season is just heating up, and everyone loves a good American pastime. Check out or StubHub for tickets, or spend happy hour at your local sports bar – or any bar for that matter. A game is always on somewhere.

Think baseball is boring? Maybe the NBA Finals are more your style. With the season coming to a close, and the Boston Celtics tying the match in last night’s Game 4, everyone will be paying attention to see who comes out on top. While you may not be a fan of either the Celtics or the LA Lakers, everyone loves a finals match. The next game isn’t until Sunday, so in the meantime, challenge your date to a one-on-one match at the local basketball court.

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Basketball and baseball still not your favorites when it comes to watching sports? Why not get ready to cheer for the World Cup Tournament in soccer on June 17th? Make it an event with snacks and a party-like atmosphere when they make their first goal for some added fun! Don’t know anything about soccer? Check out Time Out New York’s World Cup Guide.

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Have sports date ideas of your own? Got a recommendation for a great sport to watch as a couple? Comment below and share with other readers! Enjoy your weekend!