Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple David Spade & Naya Rivera Spotted on Dinner DateCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple David Spade & Naya Rivera Spotted on Dinner Date

By Noelle Downey

New celebrity couple David Spade and Naya Rivera were recently spotted stepping out to enjoy some sushi together on a romantic date night, according to A source close to the couple spills, “David really likes Naya,” noting that since the since the two began their Hollywood relationship in Hawaii last month, they’ve “hung out a couple of times” although “they are still trying to keep things private.” Despite their twenty-two year age difference, Spade and Rivera have plenty in common, as these are two unquestionably successful stars who both split their time between the spotlight and being celebrity parents.

It looks like this new celebrity couple is hitting it off! What are some unique ways to get to know your new partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

When it comes to dating someone new, there are tons of fun new ways to get to know that special someone. Here are Cupid’s top three suggestions on how to break the ice and heat things up with your new boo:

1. Go on a daring date: Dinner and a movie is great, but why not try something more exciting? Step out of your comfort zones together and try something a little more uncommon. Go to an improv class together, try rock climbing or horseback riding or even fall for one another as you jump from a plane in a sensational skydiving experience! Putting yourselves out there together will bond you more quickly and give you a great story to talk about among yourselves and with others.

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2. Try a brand new food: If you’re looking for something memorable that comes with less of an adrenaline rush, why not go for a fantastic foodie experience? Visit a new restaurant with your partner or try a type of cuisine neither of you have ever tasted. Feeling spicy? Order something hot! Feeling cool and calm? Take a sip from a refreshing drink you’ve never tried. For an added bonus to your experience, search for a restaurant that has a unique ambience that neither of you are familiar with, so you can experience the new environment together!

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3. Enjoy their favorite things: Does your new cutie have a particular movie they love to rave about? A Netflix show you know they can’t stop binge watching? A book they refuse to put down? Integrate yourself into their hobbies and learn more about them by asking for them to share these things they love with you! Swap playlists and favorite books, and take turns hosting movie and TV nights to enjoy each other’s favorites. It’s a fun a way to enjoy one another’s company, learn about each other’s tastes and have a low-key date night.

This new celebrity couple is heating up this summer! What are your favorite ways to break the ice with a new partner? Let us know in the comments!