Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Scarlett Johansson Attends Event with Romain Dauriac Amid DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Scarlett Johansson Attends Event with Romain Dauriac Amid Divorce

By Noelle Downey

Former celebrity couple Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac were spotted out together on April 5th, less than a month after Johansson had officially filed for divorce from Dauriac. While there’s no doubt this must be a troublesome time for both of them, according to, these celebrity exes seem at peace with their decision to separate, and remained amicable throughout the night as they sipped on cocktails and admired the art at 53W53 Gallery in NYC. Despite Dauriac’s lawyer recently stating that there would be a custody battle in this celebrity divorce over the couple’s now two year old daughter, Rose, both Johansson and Dauriac seem determined to remain civil, even posing for photographs together throughout the night despite their conspicuously bare ring fingers.

It seems these celebrity exes are absolutely amicable! What are some ways to keep the drama out of your divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

In a celebrity break-up, just like any other, there’s bound to be some conflict and crushed feelings. But just like these sensible stars, there’s no need to bring that angst into the public eye. Here are Cupid’s top three tips for keeping your divorce cordial and calm:

1. Define your boundaries: In an early statement to the press about her impending divorce, Johansson clarified, “I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage. Out of respect for my desires as a parent and out of respect for all working moms, it is with kindness that I ask other parties involved… to do the same.” Just like this celebrity parent, be careful who you choose to divulge the dirty details of your divorce to. While confiding in close friends and confidants is healthy, don’t be afraid to tell someone when they’re prying into your personal business – and let them know, firmly and kindly, that your divorce is between you, your family and your lawyers.

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2. Form a friendly truce with your ex: Just like Johansson and former flame Dauriac, it’s possible to be able to associate casually with your ex even when tensions are high. By forming a working friendship, these celebrity co-parents are presenting a united front to the world despite their recent separation, which will help them in future negotiations, especially over their daughter, Rose. Try doing the same with your ex to ease the stress of separation.

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3. Focus on what really matters: Whether that’s your child’s happiness, your own personal mental and physical health or making sure that you and your ex can remain on friendly terms even after the divorce is finalized, prioritize what really matters, and try not to get caught up in petty squabbles over things that don’t. While it can be tempting to lash out at your ex for hurting you, remember that in the end, focusing on the most important things will help you heal faster and adjust more quickly to this life change.

Do you think that Johansson and Dauriac will be able to maintain their drama-free divorce throughout the struggles of their custody battle? Let us know in the comments!