Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Lauren Bushnell Shares Sweet Post for ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins’ BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Lauren Bushnell Shares Sweet Post for ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins’ Birthday

By: Christa Ganz

Lauren Bushnell posted a sweet, yet honest birthday shout out to Bachelor boyfriend Ben Higgins on Instagram recently. Higgins, who was the star of the 20th season of The Bachelor, celebrated his 29th birthday on Thursday, March 23. According to, Bushnell, 27, captioned a gorgeous photo of the two with a horse, writing, “Happy birthday babe!!!!! I’m so thankful for this life together. Although sometimes rocky you always hold my hand and support me through it, always with a smile on your face. You deserve the world, especially today.” This celebrity couple has never been shy about their affection toward one another. The pair has a history of taking to social media to express their love for each other. Despite what some rumors may insinuate, this celebrity relationship continues to remain afloat in the public eye.

This celebrity news shows us that this Bachelor relationship is still going strong. What are some ways to show your love for your partner in a public way?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes you just want to remind your partner of how much they mean to you. Don’t be shy when it comes to publicly expressing your love for your significant other:

1. Keep them close: Simple gestures like hand-holding or frequent hugs and kisses will make them feel special. Without going over the top with the PDA (unless you both are into that sort of thing), keep your partner within arms’ reach to publicly express how close the two of you are.

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2. Speak up: Remind your partner of all the things you love about them. Without having to yell it to the world, you can remain affectionate in public by engaging in happy conversation. Continuous smiling and laughing will let everyone around you know how much you enjoy each other’s company.

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3. Social media: Just like your in-person appearance, your online appearance matters, too. Keep your social media pages updated with pictures of your partner. Let them know that you’re proud to be theirs, and you want everyone who interacts with you to know that.

How do you publicly show love for your partner? Comment below!