Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: New ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Goes on Group Date with NBA StarCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: New ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Goes on Group Date with NBA Star

By Noelle Downey

Rachel Lindsay, the newest Bachelorette, just had the date of a lifetime. According to, Rachel Lindsay and ten of her sexy suitors went on what first appeared to be an unassuming group date at a high school that quickly turned into a mind-blowing opportunity to shoot some hoops with a real NBA star. Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made celebrity news when he showed up for a few pick-up games that gave Rachel’s admirers an opportunity to show their best moves on the court and prove if they had what it took to take down a proven champion. While Lindsay was reportedly a bit shy in her new role as the queen bee of The Bachelorette, she went on to conquer her nerves and have a great time, interacting with the cheering crowds and enjoying this incredibly unique celebrity dating experience.

This celebrity news has us excited for the new season of The Bachelorette! What are some unique ways to meet a potential partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Meeting the right person can be hard, even if you’re a single celebrity like Rachel Lindsay. Cupid is here with three great dating tips to help you meet the next bachelor in your life:

1. Try speed-dating: Tired of going on dates only to find out after the first five minutes that you’re totally incompatible? Don’t waste your time looking for chemistry that’s not there. Instead, try speed-dating! Enjoy yourself in a fun, relaxed environment making quick connections to see if anything clicks. Bring some friends and flirt with some fresh faces. You just might meet the one for you.

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2. Take up a new hobby: Mutual interests are a great way to get a conversation going with a new cutie. Try taking a pottery class, joining a writer’s group, or sashaying your way through a salsa club. More than likely you’ll meet someone eventually who catches your eye through one of your interests, and the fact that you know you two already share one thing in common will give you confidence and an opener for an approach.

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3. Be open to what the world has to offer: Just like the newest Bachelorette, you have so many options. Remember to look out for opportunities to meet new people and engage with life around you. True, you probably can’t toss a ball around with an NBA star, but you could always work up the nerve to talk to that cute barista at your favorite coffee shop. Life is full of amazing moments just waiting to happen, so keep on the look out!

What are your best tips for places to meet someone new? Let us know in the comments!