Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky’s Romance Is Going StrongCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky’s Romance Is Going Strong

By Mallory McDonald

This recent celebrity couple is moving fast, and their romance is getting stronger with time! Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have been laying low, but their relationship is clearly getting stronger! According to a source for“Their relationship seems very strong and genuine,” noting that they “kissed and hugged” throughout their day. A separate source tells E! News that even though they haven’t been spotted out in public in a while, their relationship is going strong. “Jen and Darren are still very much so together,” the insider says. “Darren visited Jen in Budapest while she was filming Red Sparrow recently. He was there for her birthday and to support her while she was away filming. They are very happy together right now.”

This celebrity couple seems to have a strong relationship! What are some ways to keep the bond in your relationship strong?

Cupid’s Advice: 

As a relationship grows, sometimes it doesn’t always stay strong. With this relationship advice, you can make sure your relationship strengthens with time:

1. Communicate: It is said often but that is because it is true, communication in a relationship is key. Just because at the beginning of the relationship you knew what you both wanted, you must continue to communicate where you both are in the relationship.

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2. Date night: Once a week, you need to make it a priority to have a date with your significant other. While you don’t need to dress up every week and go somewhere fancy, just spending quality time together without any distractions is key to a strong relationship.

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3. Compliments: When you are in a relationship, in the beginning, there is always sparks and it can be easy to give your partner little reminders of affection. Don’t let the simple acts of kinds dull over time continue reassuring your partner throughout the relationship.,

How do you keep your relationship strong after time? Comment below!