Cupid's Pulse Article: Drake References Drunk Texting Ex J Lo in ‘More Life’ PlaylistCupid's Pulse Article: Drake References Drunk Texting Ex J Lo in ‘More Life’ Playlist

By Christa Ganz

In latest celebrity news, Drake unveiled his long-awaited playlist project “More Life” this past weekend. The 30-year-old rapper from Toronto gave fans a 22-track playlist through OVO Sound Radio. To no surprise to his fans, Drake starts his playlist with a reference to his most recent ex, Jennifer Lopez. The opening track, “Free Smoke,” suggests that Lopez changed her number without notifying her ex. In the song, Drake raps “I drunk text J.Lo / Old number, so it bounce back.” According to, the couple had split after just two months of dating, claiming their relationship had “died down a bit” shortly after the start of Drakes European tour. Clearly Drake had his 47-year-old ex on his mind throughout the formation of his whole playlist. Further down on the track list, he samples Lopez’s 1999 hit “If You Had My Love” in his appropriately titled song “Teenage Fever.” Not long after going public as a celebrity couple in December, Drake and J Lo hinted the possibility of a collaboration. After listening to his new track, Drake’s fans are disappointed to see the song “Get It Together” on the playlist, with vocals replaced by Jorja Smith. We see that Drake is dealing with his break up the best way he knows how, by referencing it in his music.

This celebrity news has us lamenting the passing of this high profile relationship. What are some ways to help yourself get over a recent break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breaking up is never easy, regardless of the reason. There is no magic cure for getting over a break up, but with a little help you can get back to feeling like yourself in no time.

1. Stay busy: Join a workout class, start a new hobby, catch up with old friends for lunch. Try to keep your mind occupied with positive behavior to fill up gaps in your schedule. Don’t overdo it, but frequent breaks throughout your day will cause your mind to wander.

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2. Stay motivated: Focus on your future plans and how you’re going to better your own life from here on out. A newly single mind tends to harp on the past. Set short term goals for yourself as a reminder that your happiness is key.

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3. Talk it out: Friends and family are the ultimate support system after a break up. Get your past relationship off your chest by verbalizing your frustration. Getting it all out will be a great stress reliever and an important stepping stone to a fresh start.

Have a tip to getting over a break up? Comment your strategies below!