Cupid's Pulse Article: Casper Smart Says Celebrity Ex Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Phenomenal’ and Still a FriendCupid's Pulse Article: Casper Smart Says Celebrity Ex Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Phenomenal’ and Still a Friend

By Whitney Johnson

Talk about staying close with your ex! According to, former celebrity couple Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez have reminded friends since their split in 2016. Calling his celebrity ex “phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal,” Smart opened a bit more about their friendship. The choreographer is set to appear in the made-for-TV remake of Dirty Dancing later this year and turned to Lopez for some advice. “She would absolutely give me advice when it came to acting, for sure. Coaching on certain auditions and stuff I had coming up or just advice,” he says. “I would do creative direction for her shows and such, and I would bring my ideas and creativity to her world and to her music side and her performance side, and she would definitely help me with the acting side as far as the training facility more.”

We can’t help but be inspired by these celebrity exes and their lasting friendship. What are some benefits to staying close to an ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

A break-up didn’t stop these celebrity exes from being a part of each other’s lives — and it doesn’t have to stop you and your ex either! Here are three benefits to maintaining a friendship with your former love:

1. You can be each other’s sounding boards: Chances are, you shared common hobbies or passions with your ex. If so, they may be a great person for you to turn to for guidance as you embark on a new project — just like Smart reached out to Lopez for acting advice.

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2. It’s convenient: If you shared the same group of friends when you were dating or even worked for the same company, the importance of maintaining a friendship may just come down convenience. After all, it’s a lot easier to be cordial to each other than to “divide up” friends, favorite restaurants, and office events.

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3. It’ll help you move on: There’s no point in being bitter and angry after a failed relationship. By embarking on a new friendship with your ex, you’ll more easily put your relationship and subsequent break-up in the past, allowing yourself to focus on the future. It won’t always be easy, but it will help you open your heart up to another love.

What’s another benefit to staying friends with an ex? Share your best love advice below!