Cupid's Pulse Article: Make The People In Your Life Feel Special This Valentine’s Day With An Edible ArrangementCupid's Pulse Article: Make The People In Your Life Feel Special This Valentine’s Day With An Edible Arrangement

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By Mallory McDonald

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and deciding what to get the people closest to you can be difficult. Whether it is your significant other, your friend, family member or coworker, finding something they will really appreciate, but that won’t break the bank isn’t out of reach. You may be sick of giving the same gifts for Valentine’s Day year after year — the flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and jewelry can seem repetitive and unoriginal. This year, you may be celebrating the holiday the night before, on Valentine’s Day or over the weekend, which can make it challenging to decide on a gift that works for everyone’s timing and plans. Well, look no further! We have the perfect gift to accommodate everyone’s schedules and that can make anyone feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day shopping scare you. This year, gift your loved ones with a customized Edible Arrangment!

Significant Other 

The number one person you want to impress on Valentine’s Day is your significant other. Every year, this day comes around and expectations of the perfect romantic day are set high. Gifting your significant other with an Edible Arrangement is not only unique, but is something that will make your partner realize how special they are to you. The bouquets are overflowing with vibrantly colored delicious fruits, and every time your partner goes to bite into another piece, it is you that they will be thinking about. Especially if you are shopping for your boyfriend, it can be extremely hard to find Valentine’s gifts for a guy. Edible Arrangements are the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea for both boyfriends and girlfriends!


With every holiday, gifting something to your parents can be challenging. However, on such a romantic day, it can be hard to decide what to get your parents. A simple card normally works, but to really thank them for all they have done for you, an edible arrangement the a perfect way of showing your appreciation. Parents love the healthier option, and you can handcraft the note that comes with the arrangement to shower them with gratitude and appreciation. Who wouldn’t want chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet full of delicious fruit?


Your friends are the people who stand by you no matter what and support you through the good and the bad times. To thank them or to support some of your single friends out there, gift them with an Edible Arrangement with an added bonus. This year, you can add extra indulgence to your gift with the New Edible® Signature Chocolate Box. Featuring recipes designed by master chocolatier Jacques Torres, these premium melt-in-your-mouth chocolates are available in six incredible flavors: hazelnut crunch, caramel, raspberry, orange, pineapple and passion fruit. These chocolates truly melt in your mouth and have such a rich flavor that will make anyone thankful to call you a friend!


Sometimes, it can be easy to forget about gifting your co-workers, especially on a holiday like Valentine’s Day that is centered around love. But, these are the people you spend a large portion of your time with and who can make your life a real joy or a real struggle. If you have one particular co-worker who really makes your life better, send them an Edible Arrangement and make their holiday that much better. Or, if you work in an office, you can always get an Edible Arrangement to put in the break room to let those people you are around every day know you appreciate them and the work they do. Nothing can get you through a work day better than a sugar rush, especially when the sugar is from fresh fruits that are so juicy and full of flavor you can’t resist, but go back for more!

Not only are Edible Arrangements the perfect Valentines Day gift, but they are also the perfect treat for you and your girlfriends to sit on the couch together for a Bachelor viewing party! Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Edible Arrangement! Visit and order yours today! But, if you happen to forget and are scrambling to get your loved ones a gift, they do offer same day delivery!

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