Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Keep Skin Smooth With Baby FootCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Keep Skin Smooth With Baby Foot

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By Cortney Moore

Struggle with dry, rough feet? Don’t be ashamed! Plenty of people have this issue. Despite how common it is, you shouldn’t  wait for summer time to get your feet in order. Get ahead of the curve this winter, and try Baby Foot, a revolutionary and all-natural foot exfoliant that makes feet smoother and softer than ever! With this product review, we’ll show you exactly why Baby Foot should be in your beauty arsenal.

Product Review: Get rid of all that dead skin with the natural Baby Foot exfoliant!

The principal ingredient of Baby Foot is fruit acid, a gentle substance that peels layers of dead skin off. Painlessly, the acids and a blend of 17 natural extracts penetrate the skin and remove old cells by breaking down desmosomes, which are proteins that hold all the layers together. Through this process, skin is undamaged and peels  away the dull parts of the epidermis, revealing a fresh and young layer beneath. After peeling, your feet are reborn- almost like a baby’s foot!

All you have to do is cut along the dotted line of Baby Foot and secure the plastic wrappings on your feet. Allow the peel to sit on the feet for about an hour and simply wash it off when it’s done. Within three to seven days, dead skin will begin to crust  over and fall off the feet. Make sure not to pull at the skin, or you may hurt yourself, as it needs to peel off naturally. If your feet fell dry while peeling occurs, apply a hydrating moisturizer. After a week, your feet should be as good as new!

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Keep Skin Smooth With Baby Foot

You can follow up with a second application if you feel that your skin needs it, but make sure to wait at least two weeks before attempting another peel. For those who wish to enhance their peeling effects, cleansing and soaking feet prior can maximize penetration of the peel gel, or adding heat with the use of socks over the Baby Foot plastic can accelerate peeling.

Not sold on Baby Foot yet? Then perhaps you can be convinced by the exfoliant’s media hype. Baby Foot has been featured on the Today Show, Marie Claire, Style Watch and many more. Or check out the trending hashtags like #BabyFootPeelingMask on Instagram and Twitter. There you can see the magic, and read real-life testimonials for this amazing product. Don’t be afraid of the foot peel images however, it’s all a part of the process.

A single package costs $25, and can be found in Target, Walmart and other health or beauty stores. You can use the Baby Foot locator on the company’s website to find shops closest to you. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get the soft and beautiful feet of your dreams. You’ll be flip flop ready in no time.

Give the gift of Baby Foot! Your feet will thank you!

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