Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Jonas ‘Likes’ Pic of Ex Demi Lovato with On-Again Boyfriend Guilherme ‘Bomba’ VasconcelosCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Jonas ‘Likes’ Pic of Ex Demi Lovato with On-Again Boyfriend Guilherme ‘Bomba’ Vasconcelos

By Mallory McDonald

In recent celebrity news, Joe Jonas has given his approval to celebrity ex Demi Lovato’s on-again boyfriend Guilherme ‘Bomba’ Vasconcelos. reported that Joe ‘liked’ a pic of Lovato with Vasconcelos on Instagram. Joe and Demi co-starred in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock and later dated for a few months. Lovato has recently been in a lot of celebrity relationships, but there seems to be something special between her and Vasconcelos that makes them keep coming back to one another. They both have had relationships in between being with each other and seem to always find their way back to one another. Hopefully this time, it works out for good!

This celebrity news proves there’s no animosity between these exes! What are some ways to revert back to friendship with your ex post break-up?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Some relationships may not be meant for the long haul, but that doesn’t mean a friendship can’t still be saved:

1. Keep a distance: Keeping a distance means staying away from this person forever, but after the break-up give yourself some space to get over the relationship to save the friendship.

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2. Mutual breakup: Mutual breakups can be the best breakups to turn into a friendship. You both knew you couldn’t make the relationship work but be there to support each other through life.

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3. Open communication: When you want to reach out to your ex and suggest being friends again make sure you are clear with your intentions and make sure that they feel the same way.

How did you remain friends with your ex? Comment below!