Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Villain Corinne Temps Nick Viall with Surprises on Latest EpisodeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Villain Corinne Temps Nick Viall with Surprises on Latest Episode

By Mallory McDonald

In recent celebrity news, The Bachelor is back, and this year on Nick Viall’s season, the villain of the season is stirring up a lot of drama! According to, Corrine Olympios “showed up to the cocktail party in a trenchcoat and nothing else before asking Viall, 36, to lick whipped cream off her body.” While that wasn’t seen by the other contestants, later on in the episode, a few of the other contestants saw “Viall jumping around in Olympios’ inflatable bouncy house one too many times and called him out: Is he here for the right reasons?” So while some of his other relationships are progressing on the show, it seems the villain of this season is really making some of the girls question his motives.

In celebrity news, The Bachelor just got more drama-filled, thanks to Corinne! What are some ways to know if you’re in lust or love?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Finding the difference between lust and love can be very difficult, especially when the two blur so easily. Use this dating advice to differ between love and lust:

1. Emotional connection: A good way to determine if you are in lust and not love is to ask yourself if you enjoy talking with them and spending time outside the bedroom. Learn if there is an emotional connection.

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2. Take away lust: By taking away any sexual activities with that person you can find out if there is more to it then just attraction.

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3. Strong conversations: If you are not having long and thoughtful conversations with the person you think you are in love with, odds are you are just lusting at them.

How did you differentiate between love and lust? Comment below!