Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Source Says Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Having Fun’ With DrakeCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Source Says Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Having Fun’ With Drake

By Mallory McDonald

New celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Drake aren’t as serious as everyone thinks. A source told exclusively that Lopez is “having fun” with Drake, but it isn’t that serious. “This budding romance is 100 percent legit, and not a professional ploy to promote any type of business like many are assuming.” While the new couple is enjoying each others’ company, the source added that the two aren’t in a rush to make things too serious. “I think she and Casper will get back together,” the source adds, confirming that although J.Lo and her celebrity ex are no longer speaking as frequently as they once were, the lines of communication are still open. While Drake and J.Lo may not be taking things seriously, they are certainly open about their new relationship on social media!

It seems this new celebrity couple is legit! What are some ways to keep from getting too serious too fast?

Cupid’s Advice: 

A new relationship is fun, exciting and refreshing, especially when coming off a past relationship that didn’t work. Use this dating advice to keep your new fling from moving too fast:

1. Slow & steady: Try not to move too fast in the relationship by always spending time with each other. If you are always together with this new person it could be hard to keep things from getting serious fast.

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2. Communicate: Talk to your new significant other about wanting to take things slow and not rushing into anything serious. This way you both can be on the same page and not have any expectations.

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3. Keep it casual: Try not to discuss things in this new relationship that are really deep and personal. Just enjoy one another’s company on fun date nights and don’t worry about the future!

How did you keep your relationship from getting serious fast? Comment below!