Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Ariel Winter, Bradley Cooper and David FosterCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Ariel Winter, Bradley Cooper and David Foster

By Shoshi

In the latest celebrity news, three famous couples have caught the public’s attention. One of which is  new celebrity couple is stepping out in young Hollywood,  while a more seasoned couple is prepping for a celebrity baby, and another is just getting things started. . But who’s stepping out this time around hand in hand? Join me as I look into the crystal ball of relationships and love. Below, I share my predictions for these celebrity couples.

Celebrity Couple Predictions: Celebrity Relationships That May or May Not Last

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden: Looks like there’s a hot young couple alert, because Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden have stepped out on the red carpet together making their celebrity relationship official after months of speculation. Winter is very smitten with Meadan, though it’s not hard to blame her. He’s cute, tall, and he’s quite charming. She’s a great catch as well. Both of them want to experience a fun, yet respectful relationship. Winter has no time for childish men. Being wise beyond her years makes it a bit difficult for her to find man that she connects with. That’s where Meaden comes in. He has no problem with a smart woman whose fiery so they are a good match. Fun is the theme of this celebrity couple and they may even  learn a thing or two about love. After Meaden, Winter will end up dating an older man.

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk: With a baby on the way  and rumors swirling, Cooper and Shayk have everyone wondering if they are engaged. Shayk has a new mystery ring on her finger. But since she hasn’t had the baby yet, it’s safe to say that it’s probably not a push gift. My psychic senses say that they plan to have a secret celebrity wedding to seal the deal.  Cooper is all about family and he thinks it’s time for him to settle down now that a baby is on the way. He wants to give married life a try since he’s seen it work for other longtime Hollywood bachelors. Babies bring about happiness and emotions so it’s a wonderful time for Cooper and Shayk. While I would love to say it will be all unicorns and rainbows for these two, that’s not the case. They are a bit like a roller coaster. There’s a lot of up and down. Right now things are up due to the excitement of the baby. There needs to be a discussion about that each one of them wants in a marriage or they will last about three years tops.

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David Foster and Christie Brinkley: Looks like David Foster and Christie Brinkley are spending some quality time together. Actually it’s more like there’s been one date or two. However with celebrities, one date could mean an engagement in two months. It’s safe to say that Foster has a thing for models since some of his ex-wives were models or beauty queens. While Brinkley seems to like a man with some musical talent since her longest marriage was to singer Billy Joel. This isn’t Foster or Brinkley’s first time at the rodeo, both of them have a lot of relationships under their belt. If they get married it will be the fifth wedding between each. Maybe the fifth time’s the charm? Hold up on the celebrity wedding invitations. This relationship is simply two good looking, age-appropriate people enjoying each other. Marriage does not look like it’s in the cards. That is not to say that this romance won’t last. It’s always nice to have a “maintenance person” on speed dial  when one is looking for love. I predict that we won’t ever know all the details of their romance, they will keep us guessing.

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