Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper Pick Out Baby NamesCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper Pick Out Baby Names

By Mallory McDonald

Celebrity couple Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are preparing for their celebrity baby! A source told, “Irina and Cooper know the sex of their child and are currently in the process of narrowing down the list of names for the baby. Irina and Bradley are so excited to be parents,” a source told E! News exclusively. “They have already picked a few names they like. They know the sex but are still deciding between some names.” The two also seem to already be planning baby number two! “Bradley and Irina love each other so much and this is not gonna be the only kid—there will be a few more after this one,” the source said, adding, “Both families are very happy.” Everyone is wondering when the couple will have a celebrity engagement, but according to their friends, that would be very under the radar!

This celebrity couple have come up with some baby names for their celebrity baby-to-be! What are some things to consider when you’re naming your child?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Picking a name for a baby is extremely important and there are always so many names to consider. Use these tips to help pick the perfect name for your little one:

1. Family tie: If you are really struggling to pick a name for your baby and want it to be meaningful, look through you and your partners family tree to get some inspiration!

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2. Wait until birth: Sometimes it can be hard to pick a name before you actually see the baby. If there is nothing popping out at you, wait until the baby is born and see what name really suits him or her.

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3. Work with your partner: Deciding a name can be very important sometimes to one partner more than the other but, you should try to pick a name that you both will love!

How did you decide to name your baby? Share your experiences below.