Cupid's Pulse Article: Top Restaurants in NYC for Holiday DecorCupid's Pulse Article: Top Restaurants in NYC for Holiday Decor

By Mallory McDonald

Going to New York during the holiday season is something that you will never forget. The entire city is filled with lights and holiday decorations that are to die for. But it isn’t just the city that gets in the holiday spirit, the restaurants are all in fill swing too! So while you are in New York seeing the Broadway plays, shopping and sightseeing, you don’t want to miss out on these popular restaurants known for their holiday spirit!

Rosemary’s, Rolfs & Blue Water Grill are the perfect places to enjoy a delicious meal under twinkling Christmas lights & ornate decorations!


Rosemary’s is an Italian restaurant located in Greenwich Village.  The restaurant serves all three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and is known to be one of the best spots in NYC for date night. You and your partner this holiday season can enjoy a nice romantic dinner and feel the holiday magic come alive. You can see the massive Christmas tree that sits atop Rosemary’s from three blocks away. The dining room also has some tasteful holiday lighting, and another, smaller tree. Their menu is all under thirty dollars and is perfect for sharing a meal!

Cupid's Pulse Article: Top Restaurants in NYC for Holiday Decor


Located in the center of Manhatten, Rolfs features german and french cuisine and is especially known to be popular during the month of December. While the food is talked about year round, the decorations during Christmas time are over the top and are known nationwide. Their Christmas decorations are extreme, large and overwhelmingly beautiful. While their entrees are in the high twenties to mid-thirties, you are paying for not only their high-quality food but the atmosphere and ambiance as well!

Cupid's Pulse Article: Top Restaurants in NYC for Holiday Decor
Rolfs ornate Christmas Decorations fill the entire dining area!

Blue Water Grill

If you are looking for seafood during the holiday season, Blue Water Grill located on 31 Union Square West is the place for you. With a unique seafood menu, Blue Water Grill attracts all kinds of people and they are open from brunch to dinner. With their meals are higher in price normally in the thirties, the reviews and critiques say it is well worth it! While their decor is subtle, during the winter months they cover their dining areas with twinkling lights that make the place sparkle!

Main Dining Area at Blue Water Grill

Before the holiday season is over, be sure to check out these restaurants in NYC that are not only festive but delicious!