Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting Celebrity Baby With Ex Brittany BellCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting Celebrity Baby With Ex Brittany Bell

By Kayla Garritano

This celeb is playing the part of dad once more! Nick Cannon confirmed that he is expecting a celebrity baby with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bells. According to, Cannon released the celebrity news in an interview with The Breakfast Club on Thursday, November 17, with US Weekly exclusively breaking the news earlier this month. “Who said it wasn’t mine?” Cannon said when asked about Bell’s baby. “I’ve got a baby on the way … absolutely … God said be fruitful and multiply. I’m doing the Lord’s work … everybody get a baby! I’m passing them out,” he jokingly included.

This celebrity baby is coming into an uncertain relationship. What are some ways to prepare for a baby if you are no longer with the other parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, babies are born from a relationship that didn’t work out. It doesn’t mean that the gift of a child is any less exciting or less important! Cupid has some relationship advice to make sure you prepare for your baby in the best way possible:

1. Be there for each other: It’s hard going through the pregnancy process alone. If you are still in contact or on good terms with your ex, then it’s best to keep each other on speed dial, so whenever your ex needs you, you’re there. You’re going to want to be there during the birth of your child, so it’s good to be there in the steps leading to it.

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2. Create space in your home: If you aren’t together anymore, you’re probably not living together, either. Your baby is going to be shared between your house and your partner’s, so make sure you get that extra room going for when your baby takes over the house. You want your precious gem to be comfortable and in a happy environment!

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3. Keep significant others away: If you’re already back in the dating pool, things may get a little complicated if your new partner wants to get involved with your soon-to-be child. What happened with you and your ex should stay between the two of you, and only you both can really solve the situation. It makes for less stress!

How have you prepared for a baby with your partner no-more? Comment below!