Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Mariah Carey, Prince Harry and Donald TrumpCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Mariah Carey, Prince Harry and Donald Trump

By Shoshi

In the latest celebrity news, three famous couples have caught the public’s attention. In a sudden twist, wedding bells are not longer ringing for Mariah Carey and billionaire James Packer; while two other high profiled relationships seem to be going well between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and newly elected Donald Trump and his wife Melania. But who’s stepping out this time around hand in hand? Join me as I look into the crystal ball of relationships and love. Below, I share my predictions for these celebrity couples.

Celebrity Couple Predictions: Celebrity Relationships That May or May Not Last

Mariah Carey and James Packer: As much as I was rooting for Mariah Carey to find love, my crystal ball told me that James Packer was not the one. That is not to say that Carey and Parker didn’t have a good time together while it lasted. As quickly as their relationship came together, it quickly crumbled. There are reports that Packer was jealous of a back up dancer while it has also been said that Packer dumped Carey, because she spends too much money. She is worth over $500 million dollars, of course she spends a lot of money. This relationship has had a big  “not gonna happen” written all over it from the start. Planning a wedding before getting divorced from other people tends to put a negative vibe on a relationship. The ink isn’t even dry from Nick and Mariah’s divorce while Packer is still married. Not to mention that Packer looks about as interesting as a blank wall. Carey is too much woman for him. Don’t cry for Mariah, she will love again. I see her with someone a little bit younger. As for Packer, do we even care what happens to him now?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: The word on the British streets is that Prince Harry has a new love in his life and her name is Meghan Markle. Unless you are a fan of the show, Suits, there is a chance that you have no idea who she is. Everyone should just calm down a bit. Step away from all of the wedding talk. This celebrity couple is getting to know one another, taking it nice and slow. He’s hot and she’s gorgeous. It makes for a very good time, especially since they have similar interest. It was a smooth move by the Buckingham Palace to let the media know that it’s not cool to keep pointing out that Markle is biracial due to her African American mother. Black women around the globe are rooting for Markle to add a touch a color to the royal family tree. Time will tell where this relationship ends up. Let’s try to see if we can actually get a photo of them together before we say that they are picking out china patterns.

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Donald Trump and Melania Trump: I have stated several times that if Donald Trump didn’t become POTUS, Melania would get divorce papers rolling sooner than later. I see that this whole election process has taught her a lot about her husband. It’s one thing to know him as a shrewd business man, but ever notice how he would almost trample Melania to get out on stage for a round of applause. That’s not much of a turn on.  Also during most of the campaign, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Melania signed up for the money, but the White House is a whole other level. Everything that she does will be under a microscope.  Within the next four years, she will feel very alone.  She’s not as clueless as the media makes her out to be. Maybe she will shine in her own way. Donald and Melania will be no where near was hot to watch as Barack and Michelle. The Trumpster will be too busy talking about himself, he will throw her a few compliments from time to time.  Their celebrity relationship will continue to look like Beauty and the Beast.

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