Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Best Body Language TipsCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Best Body Language Tips

On this week’s episode of Single in Stilettos, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to relationship expert Robyn Hatcher to offer their dating advice for those who need help in communicating through body language. Learn how to effectively get your message across without words in the following dating tips.

Dating Advice For Those Who Want To Communicate With Their Body

1. First impressions are key. A first impression is important because it helps people determine whether or not they can trust you. So the first few minutes you spend with someone are crucial! A good first impression starts with openness and vulnerability, so don’t obstruct your torso with crossed arms or excessive clothing, or else it will look like you have something to hide. Another great way to show vulnerability is by exposing your neck while you’re interacting. In other words, leave the scarf at home!

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2. Be aware of your voice. Take note of how you sound when you speak. The pitch of your voice can either be helpful or detrimental when you’re trying to date. A deeper voice is often seen as more confident, whereas a higher pitched voice can be interpreted as “weak” or “needy.” If you struggle with your pitch, voice lessons might be beneficial. But of course, keep in mind that all people have their preferences. You don’t have to change your voice if you don’t want to, just find someone who appreciates that quality.

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3. Look at other people’s body language. Not only should you be aware of your own body language, but you should keep an eye out for other people’s as well. Is the person you’re with leaning in? Are they making eye contact? Are their feet facing towards you or are they pointed at the door like they want to make a run for it? These are all things you should look out for in order to have a successful date.

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