Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Trend: Why Aqua Cycling May Be for YouCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Trend: Why Aqua Cycling May Be for You

By Kayla Garritano

We’ve heard of water aerobics, and we’ve heard of cycling. Well, what happens when you put the two together? Instead of cycling on land, you can now cycle in the water! Aqua Cycling is the latest fitness trend that started as a revolution in Europe and has now gone viral in the United States, including in New York City! The bicycles are placed in a pool where the water is up to your waste, and you’re then able to pedal against the water resistance. Proving its numerous benefits on both health and beauty, aqua cycling has also positively impacted many people’s lives. It may even set up to me a new, unique date idea!

Aqua cycling is a crazy twist to working out that was brought to America, and may just have some fitness secrets to share!

Scientific studies show that exercising in water provides numerous benefits to both health and body. Not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way than on land but you also protect your health, your bone structure, your joints, and your muscles. Here are some reason why you should try it over land cycling:

1. Goodbye calories, goodbye cellulite: In one hour, you can burn up to 800 or more calories. Thanks to the support and the pressure provided by the water, blood circulation is speeded up and can quickly eliminate fat. It also effectively burns cellulite thanks to the water resistance.

2. Better blood flow: The hydrostatic pressure of water combined with cycling movement helps to increase your blood flow and circulation, energizing your muscles, and reducing the symptoms of tired legs. Water pressure compensates the arterial pressure and improves circulation. If your blood circulates well, your legs feels lighter, like you’re walking on a cloud!

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3. Less pain: The water’s zero-gravity feeling is perfect for people with muscular, joints, or overweight problems. Working out in the water is impact-free on joints and will support your body weight. Struggle less, have more fun! That’s what this new crave wants you to do.

4. Sleep tight: This exercise is known to help let out your stress. With less stress, comes more relaxation, meaning a better night’s sleep. Posture, muscle relaxation and flexibility are improved as well!

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5. You can breathe: How many times have you worked out and just felt completely out of breath after? Well, with this new exercise, you won’t feel that way. In the water, you don’t feel out of breath. You increase your capacity in a gentle way. You may get a little wet, but you won’t be breaking a sweat!

Have you tried aqua cycling and want to share your experience? Comment below!