Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Kristen Stewart Is Dating Cara Delevingne’s Ex St. VincentCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Kristen Stewart Is Dating Cara Delevingne’s Ex St. Vincent

By Mallory McDonald

Celebrity relationships  start and end in Hollywood so fast it can sometimes be hard to keep up with who is dating who. A new celebrity couple has surfaced, as reports that Kristen Stewart is dating St. Vincent. Vincent is recent celebrity exes with Cara Delevingne, and Stewart recently ended her relationship with video producer Alicia Cargile. The two met at the New York Film Festival screening and sources say, “They spent almost every day together after that. It’s been very romantic. Kristen is always whispering closely in her ear and asking her opinion.” Although both Stewart and Vincent have been in high profile relationships, it seems like they are invested in one another and excited to embark on this journey together!

There’s a new celebrity couple in L.A.! What are some ways to know you’re ready to move on from your ex to a new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Finding the right time to start a new relationship after a breakup can be difficult. Use this relationship advice to help decide if it is time:

1. Content: When you have finally stopped feeling bitterness and resentment toward your former partner, this can be an indicator that you have healed from the relationship and are ready to move on.

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2. Independent: After a breakup, it is important to find yourself again. You don’t want to enter a new relationship just to be dependent, because starting a relationship that way is not likely to be successful.

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3. Open heart: It can be easy to convince yourself mentally that you are ready for a relationship. However, even if your head is telling you that you are ready, it is important that your heart is healed and ready to open back up completely.

When did you know you were ready to get into a new relationship?