Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Couples Who Are Nailing Long-Distance RelationshipsCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Couples Who Are Nailing Long-Distance Relationships

By Katie Gray

Celebrity couples are just like any other couples, which sometimes entails being in a long distance relationship. Celebrity relationships can nail the long-distance aspect when they have good communication, are both dedicated and put in extra effort. Whether these celebrities send photos, write love letters or FaceTime, they have found the secrets to making long distance work. For some, it’s only a temporary situation and for others, it is sporadic sequences.

Cupid has compiled five celebrity couples who are nailing long-distance relationships:

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. got together in 1997 and have been happily together ever since. They’ve even appeared in the Scooby-Doo films together! They are one celebrity relationship that find a healthy balance between work and play, privacy and publicity. It’s evident that they make it work while they have to be apart. To this day, they post sweet photos together and are still very much in love.

2. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson: Since they were married in 1988, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been making their marriage work. They are both successful actors and that entails having different filming schedules. In addition, they have to having travel for appearances and events. Hanks and Wilson are genuine people and are a positive relationship to emulate. They have been together well over 20 years. We love them!

3. Elton John & David Furnish: Elton John has been with his partner David Furnish for over two decades. The music superstar has to tour for his concerts, therefore; sometimes there is bound to be distance. The celebrity couple got married when same-sex marriage was legalized. They have traditions together, such as sending one another a card every single Saturday. How sweet!

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4. David & Victoria Beckham: Megastars David and Victoria Beckham are one of our favorite celebrity marriages. They were together for 11 years before they had to deal with a long-distance relationship and marriage because David Beckham was living in California for his professional soccer career. At the time, Victoria Beckham was splitting her time between Los Angeles and London. They have beautiful children and are making their marriage work. Cheers to the Beckhams!

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5. Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy: Actress Claire Danes is a class act. She’s very talented at the craft of acting. She has also been married to Hugh Dancy for years. When she is filming, that means they have to be in a long-distance marriage until filming wraps. She has stated that the little things like sending photos are what makes it work. You must pretend that you are really with each other in person, and continue to keep in touch and do things that you would in person.

Who are your favorite celebrity couples that make long-distance relationships work? Comment below!